5 Things Every Casino Gambler Is Tired Of Hearing

The life of a casino gambling enthusiast is full of ups and downs. On the one hand, there are the good days when chips fall from the sky, and every cocktail server is a part-time model.

Then there are other days when the older woman with the oxygen tank blasts smoke in your face, and every game conspires against you. That, of course, comes with the territory.

However, what doesn’t come with the territory are some of the inane remarks you’ll hear while attempting to earn a few more dollars. The ones in the background are annoying enough, but the idiotic babble thrown directly in your face is enough to make you choke someone.

This article discusses five things that all casino gamblers are weary of hearing. I sympathize if you’ve already been slapped with these clichés throughout the years.

Prepare to hear these statements till you’re blue in the face if you’re starting in the gambling world.

1. “This is a rigged game.”
Let’s be clear about something: casino games are not rigged. Sure, the regulations benefit the house in the end, but they’re also written plainly for the client to see.

The notion that the casino would cheat amid a game is absurd, yet it’s one of the most prevalent lies told to losing players. It helps them to deflect responsibility for their imagined misfortunes.

If you don’t do anything else, don’t fool yourself into believing you’re being duped. Acknowledge your part in the process and accept your losses like a man (or woman).

2. “Around here, the beverages are free.” Yes!”
When I hear anything like this, I attempt to flee as quickly as possible. These are usually the words of someone who enjoys drinking, and those free drinks will soon make them sloppy drunk and eager to start up a discussion with their next-door neighbor (in this case, you).

They don’t appear to grasp that the casino’s actions have a purpose. When you drink too much, your brain stops functioning properly. When this occurs, your capacity to make judgments is compromised.

All of these elements combine to give the house an edge. The casino softly takes your wallet and withdraws the contents while you’re sipping foreign beer.

3. “Can I borrow $5 from you, pal?” “When I win, I’ll repay you.”
It would help if you never asked a stranger for money, no matter how terrible your losing streak is. It is impolite, but it also puts the other person in an awkward situation.

I’m sure this has occurred to me at least six times in the past decade, and I remember every single one of those embarrassing situations. At the very least, you may refuse to help a homeless person while traveling on a specific route. You’re a sitting duck in this circumstance, with nowhere to go.

I only broke down and floated a loan once to a beautiful thirtysomething woman, and I still hate myself for it.

It’s like going to the zoo and feeding the monkeys. If you provide one of them, the other will come rushing. The best strategy is to avoid it altogether. It is, after all, a casino, not a soup kitchen.

4. “Does the smoke disturb you at all?”

I always shudder when I play slots, and a blue-haired older woman sits down next to me. It’s not that I have a grudge towards elders; it’s simply that I’m afraid they’re smokers. If that’s the case, you can guarantee they’ll be looking for a cancer stick as soon as they arrive.

Asthma has plagued me since I was a youngster. My condition is modest, but it may be worse by exposure to certain substances. Cigarette smoke is unquestionably among them.

While I wouldn’t say I like it when people ask whether smoking bothers me while I’m going blue, they at least have the decency to ask. People that sit down and purposefully blow it in my direction are the ones I despise the most.

Some gamers approach casinos like maniacs, wagering vast amounts of money without knowing how to play their chosen game properly. They return to the ATM when they run out of money.

It is not only dumb, but it’s also a particular method to empty your bank account. It is precisely why casinos deploy ATMs in strategic locations.

It’s also an outright insult to the notion of money management. The goal is to only gamble with money you can afford to lose rather than dipping into savings for food, housing, and your child’s college tuition.

Casino gambling may be problematic since a winning run can suddenly become a nightmare. However, it’s all part of the game, and seasons gamblers learn to accept the good with the bad.

While gamers might get used to the ups and downs of gaming, some words and clichés are sure to irritate even the most seasoned expert. When you yell one of these to Doyle Brunson on his scooter, he’ll almost certainly attempt to run you over.

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