How to Register in OKBET.COM

Let us now go over the registration process at OKBET. And a step-by-step method since you must first register an account before you can bet and win

The following is the step-by-step registration process in OKBET:

*Select OKBET from a list of reputable bookmakers. OKBET must have identified as a trustworthy bookmaker. `To assist you, read our in-depth bookmaker evaluations.

*Navigate to the OKBET website. Set up your first betting account now that you’ve decided on OKBET. It is a straightforward procedure. Begin by going to OKBET’s website and clicking on the link ( Also, go to the Register Now, Bet Now, or Open Account buttons.

*You need to fill up your personal information as the first step in that process. Like the country of residence, full name, surname, and date of birth must provide.

*The next step is to select a residence. Enter your street address or name, as well as your zip code.

*Your contact information had listed after that. Enter and confirm your email and phone numbers.

*Then after, you may pick your individual preferences. Select a language, odds display, and timezone.

*It is the most vital since it contains your login data. Moreover, to ensure your online wagering account, select a one-of-a-kind username. On the off chance that one is already in use, it’ll acknowledge and unique password. You’ll be able to blend lowercase and capitalized letters, numerals, and special characters.

*The final step is to ensure your security. Select and affirm a four-digit security code that will have required in case your log-in data is lost.

*Make a deposit. But you would like to identify the money you may be using. Also, you must finance your account after registration. You must complete all objectives before putting a wager.

*In conclusion, put a bet and claim your free-wagered at OKBET. You will be able to place wagers up to the value of your account once you deposit cash. To be qualified for the free bets, you must put one or more bets. Together with your cash, in particular amounts. OKBET’s accounts section permits you to monitor how much money is in your account and the specifics of the wagers you’ve put.

Moreover, to complete your account registration, you must select if you need to get offers and promotions by email, confirm that you are at least 18 years old, and concur to the sportsbook terms and conditions.

Furthermore, in confirming your online betting account, you’ll be able to use a duplicate of your ID card, visa & a document that proves your home. And then, you’ll be able to confirm your account using a photo or scanned copy of your credit card. Besides, cover the eight center numbers (example: 1234 XXXX XXXX 4321). Also, the CVC/CV2 number.

At OKBET, registration process had made easy for the clients. So that you can place a bet with no hassle and less consuming of time, if you have done registered, Bet and win now at OKBET.

How to Deposit at OKBET

OKBET will direct you through the method of a step-by-step to save your time and to make your deposit fast.

In depositing at OKBET, you can use the following:


Sportbook account
Credit Card or Debit Card
And Bank transfer

Sportbook account

*Log in to your OKBET account (if you don’t already have then go to OKBET.COM and follow the okbet  registration process).
*Go to your OKBET home page account click the “Deposit” button.
*Select Gcash
*Fill in the amount to deposit and active registered phone number.
*Click the “Confirm” button to your OKBET account.
*Gcash will send you a message on your phone inquiring you to approve the amount you need to deposit.
*After that, to confirm the deposit, enter your Pin.

Gcash account:

*Go to the Gcash app and log in to your account.
*Press “Send Money” to your Gcash account.
*Press the bank to send the money. Also, choose from the Dropdown Menu lists the partner banks of GCash.
*And then, enter the Account Name, Account Number, the amount you will send, and other bank details. Then press “Next.”
*Review the bank account details you have filled up. Also, to make sure you gave the correct information. After that, press “Confirm.”
*A confirmation message will show up. You may also receive an SMS from Gcash along with your deposit details.

Credit Card or Debit Card

*In My Account, tap the Deposit choices.
*After giving your credit card information and the deposit amount into your OKBET account, press “Deposit Now.”

Bank Transfer:

Coordinating bank transfers may be a fast and easy way to support your OKBET account.
*First, press and log in to your online banking account.
*Deposit the money to the OKBET account using one bank account only.
*Press the deposit button.

China Bank

Account Name: OKBET Account
Amount: 1000
Account Number: 15-178-1313
Moreover, on weekdays after you deposit your cash at 5 PM. Your money should show up in your OKBET account the following day. It seems to take 24 or 48 hours if this is your first deposit. Whereas in the weekends, it’ll deposit to the following business hours.

At the OKBET, we have two sorts of deposit choices:

*Instant Deposit – Mobile E-wallets
*Non-Instant Deposit – Bank transfer

How to Withdraw at OKBET

When a client withdraws money from a bookmaker online or through an app, several steps must have taken. OKBET will walk you through every step of the withdrawal process. Follow these simple steps to make your deposit.

The following are the procedures for withdrawing funds from OKBET:

Verification of identity

*Before the gambler withdraws cash from the bookmaker, you must first verify your account. Some bookies may need this when you establish an account. Others may require it when you request your first withdrawal and will want a passport or driving license, as well as one of a bank statement, utility bill, or card statement to confirm your identity.

Making a cash withdrawal request

*After one punter’s identification have verified, they may request to withdraw cash from their betting account, which is usually simple since you may specify the amount to withdraw.

Select a Payment Method

*In today’s world, there are several ways to withdraw money. You will also be able to Withdraw your cash fast. In some scenarios, it may be immediately available to spend. Test with several cash-out options until you find one that works best for you. In addition, if you want a favorite, go to the website’s ‘cashier’ or ‘banking’ option to begin the process.

Requesting a withdrawal

Once a punter’s identification had verified, they may seek to withdraw funds from their betting account. It is usually simple since you may select the amount you desire to Withdraw.

Processing the withdrawal

Your withdrawal will have processed by the bookmaker, which might take up to 48 hours. After that, if you complete, the bookmaker will transfer the money to the gambler’s payment method. And after the withdrawal is approved.

Moreover, there will be a processing delay between cashing out and receiving your money. Your money will be available if you withdraw using a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. It is determined by the withdrawal method you select.

On the other hand, OKBET makes it simpler to deposit and withdraw money. Because of solid payment options. Players can also save time and effort by the website’s payment alternatives. Customers who want to send money have various choices, including Gcash, Union Bank, BDO, and BPI. Credit cards and online wallets are also valid methods of payment.

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