Top Online Casino Bonuses in the Philippines Today

Many Filipinos who enjoy playing online casino games want to make a little deposit to take advantage of the top deposit bonus offers. Also, free spins promos and bonuses that many casinos offer. It’s not easy to find the best online casinos that offer the best combination of promos slot and other casino games. Okbet Top for the best Online Casino in the Philippines.


The majority of PH bonus offers to require you to make a minimum deposit before you can claim them. It also have to used within a particular time range. Any bonus funds that are not used will be forfeited, as stated in the bonus wagering requirements. You must also analyze the game options to see which are qualified. This makes them suitable for both new clients and players with limited expertise, as well as experienced Filipino gamblers.


OKBET is the best example of how a good gambling website should appear. Despite the fact that Filipino players have access to a wide range of online casinos, there is always room for healthy competition. This online casino welcomes players from the Philippines and offers great gaming opportunities.

What are Bonuses in Baccarat

Baccarat is a straightforward game with straightforward betting rules and low stakes. Many punto banco games, on the other hand, contain a variety of side bets that pay out more for riskier wagers.

The Dragon Bonus is one such side game. Unlike conventional player and banker bets, which always pay the same odds. This extra wager pays out more depending on the margin of victory. Several top online casinos also offer the Dragon side bet. Continue reading to learn how it works and where you can play.

Dragon Bonus- Okbet Top Online Casino

The Dragon Bonus is essentially the same as conventional baccarat bets in that you can back either the banker or the player. You win if the banker has the highest score, and you win if the player has the highest score if you bet on the player.

The enlarged payoff table distinguishes the Dragon bet from other baccarat wagers. Except in the case of naturals, the larger the margin of victory, the higher the reward.

Therefore, the return is 1 to 1 if the winning hand has an initial score of eight or nine points. The additional stake is made if both hands draw a natural and the result is a tie.

All other outcomes are rewarded if the winning margin is four points or higher. The player wins the bonus bet by a five-point margin if he has six points and the banker has one. If the hands are tied or the margin is three points or less, the stake is lost.


Winning hands are paid out like so:

*Four points pay even money
*Five points pay 2 to 1
*Six points pay 4 to 1
*Seven points pay 6 to 1
*Eight points pay 10 to 1
*Nine points pay 30 to 1

Both the banker and player bonuses are subject to these odds.

Top Online Casino Bonuses: House edge for Dragon side bets

The Dragon bet like all other side bets in the realm of gaming. It has a substantial impact on the house’s advantage. The edge on the player bet is more than doubled, while the odds are on the banker, which is usually one of the best bets on the casino floor. Also, there are more than nine times worse.

The figures below are for a baccarat game with eight decks.

OKBET Casino is an excellent choice whether you are new to online baccarat or a seasoned player. It’ll be hard to find a casino with more options. You may play a large variety of baccarat games, both conventional and live dealer, and you’ll have fun trying them all out.

What is a Progressive bonus in Blackjack

The majority of people associate a progressive jackpot with a slot machine game. However, other games, including blackjack, now include progressive jackpots. This article explains how a progressive jackpot works in general, as well as how it works in a blackjack game. It also considers if you may get an advantage over the casino. Also, whether placing these progressive side bets is worthwhile.

As previously stated, progressive blackjack’s goal is the same as the classic version of the game. Blackjack is traditionally play with a 52-card deck, but many online casinos have launched progressive variants that employ up to 8 decks for a total of 416 cards.

In most cases, though, six standard decks are used. The player and the dealer each receive two cards, but only one of the dealer’s cards shown. The dealer’s second card is typically refer to as a “hole” card because it flipped face down. Because the goal is to accumulate a card total that is as near to 21 as possible without exceeding it, players can either hit and take another card or stand and not be dealt another card.

Microgaming also offers Triple Sevens, a progressive blackjack game. It is a five-deck blackjack game in which you win the jackpot if you get a hand that includes the 7 of diamonds, another 7 of diamonds, and a third 7 of diamonds.

There are additional combinations that result in smaller payouts as well. It will keep you interested and encourage you to place the side bet. This bet, however, has a substantial house edge.

Okbet Top Online Casino Bonus: Here are the payouts based on a 10 PHP progressive side bet.

1.You earn 50 PHP if you have ANY 7 in your hand.
2.You win 2500 PHP if you get two 7s of different suits.
3.You win 5000 PHP if you get two 7s of the same suit.
4.You win 25,000 PHP if you get three 7s of different suits.
5.You earn 100,000 PHP if you get three 7s of the same suit (other than diamonds).
Of course, you win the progressive jackpot if they’re all diamonds.

A progressive blackjack game almost always asks you to place a side bet with a house edge of 10% or higher. It turns blackjack, which has some of the highest odds in the house, into a game with a significant house edge.

Moreover, one thing to keep in mind is that in online blackjack, whether progressive or not, the cards are shuffle after each hand, making any card counting method impossible to use because there is no way to keep track of the cards. Another thing to keep in mind is that while players can choose to split their hands in a progressive blackjack game, they can only do it once.

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