You’ve Probably Never Heard Of These 7 Roulette Variations

Roulette is entertaining, but it becomes routine after a time.


Wouldn’t it be phenomenal in case you may take something you already know and add some fascinating twists to it?

That way, you can combine the comfort of a game you already know how to play with the novelty of trying out new rules.

As fate would have it, there are several roulette varieties accessible.

This article will discuss seven roulette varieties that you’ve probably never heard of. I’ll also offer details on where you may play these games.

Alphabetic Roulette is the first game.
It is a version of Roulette in which the letters of the alphabet replace the numbers on the wheel and table. For single notes, you have 25 options from A to X. You only have a single chance of receiving Y or Z. (On the wheel and the table, they share the same place.)

The game also has six distinct colors, each represented by four letters. The YZ coordinate system is not colored. (In classic, the 00 and 0 are green, while the rest of the numbers are red or black.)

You may wager on single letters, two letters, three letters, or four letters. You may even wager on certain letter combinations that form specific words, such as the “Party Pit” wager, which is a wager on P, A, R, T, Y, or I. It is also how the “roulette” bet works, which is a wager on the letters R, O, U, L, E, or T. You may also wager on a specific color, a column, or a dozens bet, just as in conventional Roulette.

No matter whatever bet you put, the game has a 4% house advantage.

Another version of Alphabet Roulette makes use of customized decks of 25 cards.

Back-to-Back Roulette
It is also known as “Back2Back Roulette” or simply “Back to Back Roulette.” It’s a roulette variant with the possibility of placing a side wager on your lucky numbers. You win 1200 to 1 on your bet if a number appears twice in a row.

3. Roulette with Diamonds
Diamond adds more colors into the mix. A Diamond Roulette table features the following colors instead of merely red and black (and green):

Red \sBlue \sGreen \sYellow \sPurple \sBlack
Six digits relate to each color—bets on a specific color return 5 to 1. At a table with two zeroes, the player may additionally wager on a single color plus the zeroes. This bet pays 3 to 1 but has a significant house advantage of 15.79 percent.

With this version, there are no even money red or black bets.

4. Roulette with Double Action
“Double Action Roulette” is a unique game. This game contains two wheels, one within the other, instead of just one. Two winning numbers generate every spin when the ball falls in a slot between the two wheels. You may wager on numbers on the outer, inner, or both wheels (a parlay).

Single-wheel bets payout the same way as regular Roulette, but parlay bets payout in more creative ways. The single number parlay has a payout of 1200 to 1. The other wagers pay out anywhere from 3 to 25 to 1.

The house edge on single-wheel bets is the same as in regular roulette games, but parlay bets are sucker bets, with the house edge almost twice as big.

5. Roulette with two balls
If two-wheel Roulette doesn’t excite you, maybe two-ball Roulette will. Except for the additional ball in play, this game is similar to classic.

If you bet on the outside, both balls must win for your wager to succeed. Both balls count as a win in inside bets. The payment doubles if both balls fall on the inside stake.

A “Double Ball Jackpot” is available in the game, which pays out when both balls fall in the same individual numbered slot.

The house advantage varies for every bet, but inside bets have the highest odds on single numbers. That wager has a 5.33 percent house edge.

6. Roulette in Prime Time
An extra side-wager on the 11 prime numbers on the wheel is available in this game. (A prime number can be split only by one.) These are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, and 31 in this example.)

The wager pays out based on how numerous times a prime number occurs in a sequence. The side bet is lost if it falls on a number that is not a prime number. The payoff is even money for a single excellent period, but if a prime number appears seven times in a row, the payout increases to 299 to 1.

The payouts differ depending on the game version you’re playing.

7. Roulette Rapid
Rapid Roulette is similar to regular in that you place your bets using an electronic interface instead of using chips on a table. It’s entertaining, but it’s not quite the same as the original.

If you’re tired of standard Roulette, try one of these alternatives. The house advantage is frequently as great as or more, but the tweak in regulations can be just the thing to keep the game fresh.

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